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Your Eyes Can Deceive You; Don't Trust Them!

Kate Holloway

The What & Why of Pattern Lab

Dave Olsen

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March 2014 Meetup!

Please join us on Tuesday, March 25 for the next Refresh Pittsburgh at Left Field Meeting Space, 116 Federal Street, on the North Shore. We’ll be starting at 6:30 pm. When you get to the building, walk through the large, glass doors that say “Smith Brothers Agency” and take the elevator to the 4th floor. The front doors will automatically lock at 7:15!

We have two great presentations lined up for the evening including Kate Holloway from Think Through Learning, and Dave Olsen from West Virginia University!

To make sure we have enough space for everyone, please reserve your seat by grabbing a FREE ticket from our Eventbrite page:

Your Eyes Can Deceive You; Don’t Trust Them!

Kate Holloway, UX Designer, Think Through Learning

One of the most popular ways to denote importance in a design is to use a drastic color change, but sometimes color can be deceiving, especially when you’re dealing with cultural connotations of color, as well as limitations brought upon by sight disabilities (color blindness, blindness). This talk will highlight some of the pitfalls of relying on color (with real-life examples), as well as giving you strategies and tools to strengthen your designs.

Kate Holloway hails from Upstate NY and has made her home in Pittsburgh for the past three years. She likes cats, Star Wars, comic books, kids and fashion and currently works as a UX designer for Think Through Learning. You can find her making really dumb jokes on twitter @KatiePunkin.

The What & Why of Pattern Lab

Dave Olsen, Developer & Project Manager, West Virginia University

Responsive design is forcing us to reevaluate our design and development practices. It’s also forcing us to rethink how we communicate with our clients and what a project’s deliverables might be. Pattern Lab attempts to provide one tool that allows for both the creation of modular systems that can live beyond the development phase of a project as well as give clients a tool to review on-going work in the place that a site is going to be used: the browser. This talk will introduce you to the features of the Pattern Lab as well as show how it might fit into your overall workflow. Pattern Lab is Open Source and based on lessons learned during the latest TechCrunch and Entertainment Weekly redesigns. It is currently maintained by Dave Olsen and Brad Frost. Learn more about Pattern Lab at

Dave Olsen has been a developer and project manager with the University Relations – Web unit at West Virginia University (WVU) for the last twelve years. Over that time he has worked on and led projects that range from developing a university-wide CMS to creating award-winning marketing websites. Dave’s primary role is to help find the balance between tech, content, and design for many of the University’s biggest projects. For the last four years he has also been responsible for implementing mobile solutions for the University. These include SMS-based services, WVU’s central mobile web portal, as well as a number of responsive design-based websites.

In addition to his work at WVU, Dave actively participates in open source projects as well as writes. In 2012, Dave contributed a chapter to Smashing Magazine’s, “The Mobile Book,” and he shares what he’s learned about mobile, as well as his reactions to mobile trends, on his personal blog.

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