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March 16 / 6:30pm

Left Field Meeting Space

“Enabling Collaboration”

Ben Callahan

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Brad Frost


A December Meetup Panel Discussion

The next Refresh Meetup will be Wednesday, December 14th at 6:30 PM at Left Field Meeting Space.  This month’s meet-up will be  joint meeting with our friend from Loop Pittsburgh.  We’ll be hosting a panel discussion:

Should Web Designers Know Code?

There was once a day when a designer could pass along his PSD’s to a developer, and get a well coded website that worked as the designer intended and followed the best of web standards.  Nowadays, with new developments like css3, web-fonts and responsive design, those days are far behind us.  Can a web designer thrive, or even call themselves a web designer if they don’t understand html or css?

How about web developers? Can web developers do their jobs to the best of their abilities without design skills? Can you trust a web developer to implement web-fonts when they don’t know the meaning of the word “kerning”?  Do we really want to put more design power with css3 into the hands of a developer who doesn’t know the basics of design theory?  Let’s not even begin to talk about transitions and motion!

What is expected of web designers and developers is rapidly changing.  Tonight, we’ll have an open panel discussion to find out what the prevailing opinions are and find out just want a web designer and developer should learn about in order to have a long lasting career.

Joining us on our panel will be:

Nate Bishop
Designer at MAYA Design

Rob Stinogle
Manager of Web Development, American Eagle Outfitters

Nathan Peretic
Co-founder of Full Stop
Front-end developer, writer, jack-of-all-trades.

James Acklin
Front-end Developer at Smith Bros. Agency
Illustrator / designer-turned-developer

Josh Sager
Program Director for Multimedia Technologies at PTI

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