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March 16 / 6:30pm

Left Field Meeting Space

“Enabling Collaboration”

Ben Callahan

“Let’s Work Together”

Brad Frost


August 2013 Meetup!

Please join us on Thursday, August 15 for the next Refresh Pittsburgh meet up at Left Field Meeting Space on the North Shore.

We’ll be starting around 6:30pm. When you get to the building, walk through the large, glass doors that say “Smith Brothers Agency” and take the elevator to the 4th floor. The front doors will automatically lock at 7:15!

We’re consolidating our RSVP system and we’re using tickets for this meeting. To reserve your seat at the August meeting, grab a free ticket from our Eventbrite page:

We have two great presentations lined-up for the evening including Heather Migliorisi from The Oncology Nursing Society in Pittsburgh, and Rob Harr from Sparkbox in Dayton, Ohio:

User Testing: The Secret Sauce to Great Meetings

Heather Migliorisi,  Web Designer, The Oncology Nursing Society

We’ve all been there. In a conference room with a few colleagues from the IS team and a few from the Marketing team where both teams are adamantly trying to get the other to concede to their ideas for the website.

See how user testing can take the tug-of-war power struggle between opposing teams and turn it into constructive planning by focusing on what the user’s needs are.

Heather Migliorisi has been in the web field since 2000. She’s designed/developed everything from Flash CD’s (ugh) to E-learning courses to Websites. Currently, Heather is a Web Designer (emphasis on RWD and UX) for the Oncology Nursing Society in Pittsburgh.

Let’s Be Brutally Honest About Operations and Pricing for Web Agencies

Rob Harr, Technical Director, Sparkbox

Let’s face it – most of us running web shops did not study business. We just love building things, so we started companies where we could build on our own terms. Unfortunately, being a great builder of web things does not necessarily equip us to make sound business decisions.

Co-managing Sparkbox the past five years, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. From an operations and pricing perspective, let’s discuss what didn’t work and what is working for us at Sparkbox. We’ll talk about different pricing strategies, work estimates, and how we run business operations. My hope is that you can learn from our mistakes – and our successes.

This will be a brutally honest discussion, so please come armed with questions.

As Technical Director for Sparkbox, Rob is responsible for operations and leading the development team. On any given day, Rob meets with prospective clients, writes code, or continues to lead the charge in improving development process. Sparkbox has become known as a leader in responsive web design and custom software solutions.

Check out the speaker list for the Refresh Pittsburgh – August 2013 Meetup on Lanyrd!