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March 16 / 6:30pm

Left Field Meeting Space

“Enabling Collaboration”

Ben Callahan

“Let’s Work Together”

Brad Frost


January 2014 Meetup!

Please join us on Tuesday, January 21 for the next Refresh Pittsburgh at Left Field Meeting Space, 116 Federal Street, on the North Shore. We’ll be starting at 6:30 pm. When you get to the building, walk through the large, glass doors that say “Smith Brothers Agency” and take the elevator to the 4th floor. The front doors will automatically lock at 7:15!

We have two great presentations lined-up for the evening including Nik Mihalick from Elliance, and Robert Wierzbowski from Think Through Math.

To make sure we have enough space for everyone, please reserve your seat by grabbing a FREE ticket from our Eventbrite page:

Chrome DevTools Tips and Tricks

Nik Mihalick, Web Developer, Elliance

Chrome DevTools is an amazing tool that both web developers and designers can use to make their lives easier. Most people have probably used it to inspect elements, adjust CSS styles, and/or to see JavaScript errors. But there is a lot more than you can do with it. Nik uses these features everyday and hopes to give you some practical knowledge that you can start using in your job. He’s going to show the full power of the elements tab and give some tips on the using the console. Then he’s going to edit code, device test, optimize images, and a do whole lot more, all right in his browser using DevTools. He’ll finish up by covering some of the new things coming to DevTools and discuss how to keep up with these changes.

Nik Mihalick is a full-stack web developer working at Elliance. He loves the web and has been working with it since before it hit version 2.0. He gets to work with HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, C#/.Net, and multiple databases on a daily basis.

An Introduction to Yeoman, Grunt, and Bower

Robert Wierzbowski, Front End Developer, Think Through Math

Yeoman is a set of tools and conventions for developing client side web applications. It combines three of the most popular front-end workflow tools: Grunt (for automation), Bower (for package management), and Yo (for scaffolding boilerplate code). We’ll take a high level look at what these tools do and how they can improve your everyday development process — lots of concept, not too much code! We’ll also examine how Yeoman and the projects around it are becoming concentrations of best practices and developer knowledge.

Robert Wierzbowski works at Think Through Math, where he specializes in front-end development and build systems. He spends way too much time working on open source. Follow him on Twitter at @robwierzbowski

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