Refresh Pittsburgh

A community of web designers & developers working to refresh the web design industry in Pittsburgh.

Next Meetup:

March 16 / 6:30pm

Left Field Meeting Space

“Enabling Collaboration”

Ben Callahan

“Let’s Work Together”

Brad Frost


Refresh Pittsburgh is a community of designers and developers working to refresh the creative, technical, and professional culture of Internet designers and developers in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.

In simple terms, Refresh Pittsburgh hopes to bring people together to share what they know through software and technology demonstrations, panel discussions, and open-ended Q&A sessions.  Driven by your creativity, knowledge and experience, we hope to bring members of the Pittsburgh Area web community together to talk shop, have some fun, and strengthen the community in the process.

Refresh Meet-ups

Refresh Pittsburgh meets on a bi-monthly schedule. We have no set date, but send out an email to our mailing list at least a week or two before our next meet-up. Refresh Pittsburgh meet-ups are free. Just bring a willingness to learn and some business cards!

Other Events

We also sponsor other local events, like our web conference, Web Design Day as well as workshops and other one-off events throughout the year.

Those who know, share.

We are looking for people who share passions such as design, usability, and web standards. We believe that by promoting discussion with the best minds in the business we can help to raise the bar when it comes to web design and development in the Pittsburgh.

The Refresh Manifesto

  • Let’s Gather Great Minds
  • Let’s Share All Of Our Knowledge
  • Let’s All Grow And Learn
  • Let’s Promote Local Talent
  • Let’s Be More Than We Think We Can Be
  • Let’s Make Our Cities Better

Who Runs this Shin-Dig?

Refresh Pittsburgh is run by G. Jason Head and  Patrick Fulton, with help from Josh Sager and Val Head.