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A community of web designers & developers working to refresh the web design industry in Pittsburgh.

Next Meetup:

January 24 / 6:30pm

Stack Co-Working

“Burnout and the Cult of Busy”

Caroline Moore


Mid Season Break & Web Design Day!

We’re in our mid-season break right now.  Which means we take a month or two off for our signature event, Web Design Day on June 223rd and 24th.  We’ll be back at it in July!

As always, we are looking for people to speak at upcoming meet-ups. No talk is too small – we’d love for you to share what you’ve been working on, something cool you’ve learned, or an idea that you’re excited about. If you’ve never given a presentation before, Refresh is the place to give your first talk.

Some topics we’d love to see talks about include accessibility, intro/basic/beginner level development, anything web design related, animation, process, careers in tech/the web industry, and anything web “community” related. Those topics are just a few of the things we thought of, and if you have other ideas, please get in touch with us!

April Happy Hour & Shop Talk

Join us this Thursday, April 28 at 6 pm at Beer Head Bar & Eatery (formerly Beer Market)!

Come hang out and talk shop – or whatever else you’d like – with us while we break out of our usual speaker schedule! If you’re not familiar with Beer Head Bar, it’s located directly below our normal meeting space – Left Field Meeting Space – on the North Shore, across from PNC Park.

No RSVP needed for this, just show up and say hello!

Refresh Update!

It’s time to get this ball rolling again!

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended this year’s Web Design Day Conference.  This year was one of our most successful and funnest events yet.  It’s get more complicated to put on this conference every year but it always is worth it.  We’ll be doing it again for sure next year and we’ll be releasing some information soon once we confirm some dates.

As usual, Refresh Pittsburgh slows down a little bit in the summer, but this year we got slower than we hoped.  So don’t worry folks, we’re still kicking!

We should be announcing out next meet-up soon.  In the meantime we are also taking submissions for any upcoming talks.  If you would like to present at an upcoming meet-up, please email us at and we’ll talk more.

We have a few interesting things lined up for the rest of the year, just a matter of getting dates solidified.

We’re also in need of a few places that could host upcoming events.  If you can hold around 50 people we would love to chat!


Thanks for a Great 2012!

Thank you to everyone who helped make 2012 a great year for Refresh Pittsburgh.  We’ve seen our newsletter subscribers jump to over 500+ and our meeting attendance average around 60 people.  We’ve come a long way since our first meeting with 12 people in Kiva Han in Oakland.

First, thanks to everyone who presented or was on a panel this year.  Dave Olsen, Patrick Fulton, Rob Stinogle, Matt Griffin, Ryan Hamrick, Brad Colbow, Nate Bishop, Nathan PereticJames Acklin & Josh Sager.

Second, thank you to all the attendees and speakers of this year’s Web Design Day who helped to make it the our best event yet.

Finally, thanks to everyone who comes to Refresh, attends our workshops and spreads the word about what we are doing.  We couldn’t do this without your support.

We already have some neat plans in place for 2013.  We have a few interesting workshops in the loop and a few out-of town speakers you may enjoy.  And don’t forget, if you would like to present at an upcoming Refresh meet-up let us know!

We’ll announce our next meetup sometime in January, until then, Happy Holidays from Jason, Val and Geoff.

Yay Pittsburgh!!!

New Website & Identity

Welcome to the new Refresh Pittsburgh website. As you can see, we not only have a new website but an entire new identity.

Our website was in need of a, well, refresh, for quite some time. In fact, our previous design was thrown together in a matter of a few days in anticipation of our first Refresh Pittsburgh meet-up almost 3 years ago. We’ve been adding to it with some digital duct-tape since then – spending more time on our meet-ups and other Refresh projects and badly neglecting our own website.

The new design/identity is courtesy of Gage Salzano. He did an amazing job. You can read more about his thought process and what else he came up with for us on a post at his own website. Gage recently moved to Chicago, but he’s going to continue helping us with additional identity work. Including some t-shirts and a 1 inch buttons!

There is still some fine-tuning to be done in some of the nooks & crannies of the new site, especially going over the old posts to make sure they fit. But we’re happy with how it turned out. If you run into any problems, feel free to shoot us an email and let us know.