Refresh Pittsburgh & Viewsource Workshops Present:

Better Meetings By Design

For design professionals who want better meetings in their design process.

A workshop with Kevin M. Hoffman


What is an effective meeting? Empathy, trust, and positive collaboration contribute to effective design meetings from kick-offs through post-mortems. But the most effective meetings are the ones where we allow ourselves to explore and iteratively fail into the smartest design ideas. So how do you get your entire team heading in the same direction? Facilitation is critical in order to integrate the disparate and sometimes conflicting goals of your team and/or client groups. Good facilitation of meetings helps teams understand the problems they're solving early enough in the process to act upon that understanding. Good meetings lead to great design.

Who Is This For?

Anyone who wants better meetings in their design process, including:

What Will Be Covered:

Tell Me More!

There are two kinds of work in the world: work we do alone, and work we do with others. The problem is, collaboration often takes the form of meetings, which suffer an undeserved terrible reputation as being a voracious time and resource waste.

Difficult personalities, a feeling that projects are veering off-course, and the perception that meetings prevent “real work” from getting done can all hamper our participation.

But what if we apply the design thinking that UX design pros already know and love—except in a way that benefits meetings?

By doing just that, we can run meetings that result in better insights faster, more cohesive teams, and access to new ideas from everyone involved.


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If you have any questions at all about the workshop get in touch with Val Head.

The Organizers:

Refresh Pittsburgh has teamed up with Viewsource Workshops to bring you this workshop. We love Pittsburgh's web community and we want to make it even more awesome.

Much thanks goes out to Smith Brothers Agency for letting us use their office space as a venue.